Esprit 9000 offers a economical replacement for ASCII/ANSI/PC Term terminals. Demand for increasingly more complex and user friendly applications requires fast delivery of information to the display. With six display pages and dual host connectivity, simultaneous access up to six applications can be achieved.

To help the system administrator maintain control, access to change terminal setup parameters can be limited by a password. Expansion into high speed data entry using a barcode or magnetic card reader can be accomplished easily and inexpensively with standard PC devices connected into the PC keyboard port. This same port can support any keyboard designed for PC use.

Key Features

CRT TYPE 14"diagonal (13.3" viewable) flat screen
Main/AUX Ports Configurable as 2 Independent Comm Ports
Up to 115Kb without Protocol
White or Amber Display Color
Four sets of 128 characters including multinational for 16 countries
Password Setup Protection
Programmable Power Up Banner
6 Full-Function Pages
Energy Star Compliant Power Saver
Screen Saver
WY60, WY-50+, VT320, VT100, VT52, ATT Console,
TeleVideo 910+/925, ADDS Viewpoint (A2), PC Term, SCO CONSOLE,WY120/150/160,TVI950/955,HZ1500 Emulations
Esprit Express 24 hour replacement service