March 7, 2011

New model released -- Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) Thin Client 500TES

A brand new model, Esprit 500TES, based on WES 7, has been launched from Source for Terminals since February 2011. It offers dual display support -- DVI and VGA for power users and supports up to 1080 HD screen resolution, along with IE 8, RDP 7, Citrix ICA 12.x, Flash, Adobe, just to name a few. VESA mounting kit is included as standard offering. For details about this exciting new model, please send inquiries to our Sales Dept.


October 20, 2010

New model releasedEsprit 450C, Serial/Ethernet color terminal module

Source for Terminals has just released a new model 450C to replace popular Esprit 250C/350C series text based terminals. It comes in a slick compact design, weighs in only a pound, and about the size of an open hand, dual connection ports make it easy access to legacy host computers and controllers.


April 4, 2010

Software update

All current Esprit Windows CE based thin client terminals 230TCE, 300TCE/G are updated to version CE6.0, RDP 6, ICA 11.x.

Windows XPe embedded model 300TXP is now on SP3.  

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