Esprit 270-LCD Windows Based Terminals combines the thin client terminal with a slick LCD dsiplay. It incorporates seamless wireless technology with Windows CE .Net operating system or Windows XPe, delivering secure server-based applications to end-users. Cost effective, secure and easy to management, 270-LCD is the simple solution for corporate heterogeneous computer environments.

T2727 Standard Model 800 Mhz with Windows CE .Net
T2929 Standard Model 800 Mhz With Windows XPe
T4010WC Esprit Wireless Card
Key Features
VIA Eden CPU 800 MHz CPU
Optional 1Ghz CPU
128MB Flash for Windows CE .Net
256MB DDR RAM standard for Windows CE .Net
512MB Flash for Windows XPe
512MB DDRAM standard for Windows XPe
Built-In Internet Explorer 7.0
Macromedia Flash
Windows CE Net 6.0
Windows XP Embedded
1280x1024, True color / 32 bit
Serial, Parallel and USB Ports Standard
10/100/1000 Ethernet Standard, 802.11b Optional
16 Bit Stereo Sound Support Standard
EspritManage Remote Control Software Support
SmartCard Reader/Wireless/Touch Module (Optional)