Esprit 470-TXP Series is a high performance thin client model. It incorporates advanced performace CPU and dual screen display technology with Windows XP operating system, deliving secure server-based applications to end-users. Cost effective, secure and easy to management, 470-TXP Series is a powerful solution for corporate heterogeneous computer environments.

Item CPU FLASH/RAM Description
T4900 800Mhz 256MB/256MB Standard Model Beige Color
T4900/B 800Mhz 256MB/256MB Standard Model Black Color
T4900W 800Mhz 256MB/256MB With Wireless Module
T4900S 800Mhz 256MB/256MB With SmartCard Module
T4900SW 800Mhz 256MB/256MB With SmartCard Module and Wireless Module
T4900V 800Mhz 256MB/256MB With DVI Connection with Dual Display Screen Support
T4920 1 GHz 256MB/256MB Standard Model
Key Features

VIA Eden CPU 1 GHz
1GB DDR RAM standard
2GB Compact flash for XPe standard
Built-In Internet Explorer 7.0
Macromedia Flash Player 7.0
Windows Media Player 6.4/8.0 (Optional)
Sun J2RE1.4.1 or MSJVM 5.0 (Option)
USB Printer Support
File Sharing (Support USB Floppy, CDROM, HD)
Windows XP Embedded SP3 with Local Windows desktop interface (XP)
Citrix MetaframeXP, XenApp
IBM Emulation
Dual Display(optional): One Analog VGA DB-15 Video Port and One DVI Port
One RS-232C ports , DB-9 ip to 115.2k bps
Four USB Ports for floppy drive, mouse, CD-ROM, hard-drive.
Local power-on boot
Simple start-up wizard for set-up
Multi-language keyboard support
Multiple auto-startup
3 Year Extended Warranty with Registration